Chapter Names Characters Logo Picture
Chapter 1: World's Worst Boy

Choi Bul Haeng

Lee Hyun


Oh Duk Hee

Chapter 1 Logo
Chapter 2: The Sense of the Real


Oh Duk Hee

Happy Soyeon

Lee Hyun

Magic Seungyoon

Transforming Somi

Fox Gahee

Devil Eunhyuk

Steel Yoona

Hero Daehyun

Bloodsucking Sunmi

Death Hyunmin

Angel Minjoo

Green Minjoon

Zombie Yoonha

Chapter 3: Boy Investigations
Chapter 4: Boy Capture Plan - Episode Harem
Chapter 4.5: God's Doodles
Chapter 5: Boy Capture Plan - Episode Hot-Blooded
Chapter 6: Abnormalties
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